The Oxford School

The Oxford School is a center of excellence of global repute to offer systematic and innovative methods with the unique combination of both Indian and International perspectives in the process of learning. The School is a place where students and faculty alike experience the power of the motivated mind and a generous heart. The people here are of a special breed, Where a little push goes a long way, and a smile is bound to appear no matter how taxing life can be.

The school is not simply an educational institution, it is a home , a home for an ever growing family with one common goal, The goal is simply to advance the self and our society.

The Manarul Huda Trust which promote the school, has been successfully practicing a great mission for the progress of society for more than 28 years with about 23 institutions in India and abroad.

The Oxford School, an innovative school where children learn in a most pleasant, functional and creative environment using all technological marvels- most modern class rooms, teaching aids, visuals, play labs, play equipments, computers and mind boggling software. All the children will be learning, doing, working, and playing in this hi-tech environment methodically keeping their curiosity and charmed sense of wonder alive.

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